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Offering a variety of classes for children of all ages, we are centrally located in Pelham Manor. Serving children's and parents' needs for over 25 years, we focus on improving your child's flexibility, coordination, strength, endurance, and gymnastic skills. Most of all, our goal is to help instill confidence, self-esteem and good gymnastics skills that can carry over to every other sport.

CLASS PROGRAMS offer boys and girls the opportunity to develop skills through a well-planned and safe progressive teaching system. Our dynamic staff fills every class with energy, fun and good gymnastics. 

PARENTS & TOTS class offers a fun-filled experience where children explore the joy of movement exploration and introductory gymnastic skills while developing self-confidence, listening skills, and motor readiness.

We are currently registering for FALL TUMBLING and GYMNASTIC CLASSES.   or call us at 914 738 7305. Registration form is available on this web site under register.

is scheduled in our newly AIR CONDITIONED gym from June 23rd thru August 8th. Our very experienced Spotlight staff conducts the program in our AIR Conditioned Gym.                  Summer Program from June 23rd to August 8th for ages 3 to 13. Programs range from 55 minutes to 4hours.

For more information concerning our SUMMER PROGRAM and SUMMER TUMBLING CLASSES and FALL CLASSES check out our Programs Page.

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 Letters to Spotlight Gymnastics from Spotlight Parents:

"I want to thank you and your superb program. I was a gymnast who later focused in on dancing and now continue as a dance teacher. I can see how thorough and creative you are in your curriculum and truly appreciate it. Your teachers are fun, engaging, patient and encouraging at every turn. What a gift you give to these children. My son is generally a shy boy, though very capable. After two years of classes he is now confident to step up to the front of the line, to be a leader. This is the only place he shows that complete confidence. My daughter is all smiles at each class and can't wait to put on her leotard on gymnastic days. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a wonderful part of my kids lives during these most tender years!"

Dear Spotlight Gymnastics,

Hi, I hope all is well at Spotlight. I would like to start by thanking every staff member. Joe came to your gym when he was 7 years old. He is now 18 years old and in his 1st year of college at Hofstra University.  As most of you know he went from your gym to an all star team in CT.  He was successful on the all star team.  He has a passion for gymnastics and cheerleading.  I am proud of him. I had the pleasure of traveling with him for the past 4 1/2 years to every competition. Joe is a cheerleader for Hofstra University.  This year I went to Florida in January and watched my son and his team come in 1st place at the college nationals.  I automatically thought of Spotlight.  You guys gave him the confidence and encouraged him to do whatever he wanted to, whether it was gymnastics or cheerleading.  Joe and I always talk and tell everyone about Spotlight.  The first thing I say is the staff is the BEST.  You guys have the most patience and are always polite.  There is always positive energy in the gym and most of all the staff is great with children of all ages.  I could go on forever about Spotlight.  But I was just sending a little note (lol) of my appreciation and thanks for everything you have done for my son.

Thank You!


I can't believe it has been a year since our girls joined Spotlight. Thank you so much for everything that this program brings to our girls.  They have advanced more here in a year at Spotlight than they did in the last 3 years.

I am like a walking advertisement for your program!  The very professional, dedicated and knowledgeable coaches and your customer service are superb.  Even staying through the summer session has been worth it.  You are all experts, it shows and I respect you all for it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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